Angela Bueti

Angela Bueti

Angela is the author and creator of WOW books 4 boys where her aim is to get young boys excited and confident about reading. Wow books 4 boys have just released their first series called Scratch and Patch to an overwhelming response from teachers, librarians, parents and children. Reaction to this series reaffirms the need for enticing reading material for our very young boys.  This series helps young children to become independent readers and kick starts their learning adventure.  Angela is passionate about helping all young boys get excited about learning to read and to develop an ongoing love of reading.

For more information about Angela and her Wow books 4 boys series, download an information flyer here ...

On the back of her first successful children's series Scratch and Patch launched in 2010, local mum and author Angela Bueti is forging ahead in the beginner book market with her second series Jimmy Ka-Chow which hit the shelves in September, 2011


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Angela Bueti