Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor

From Detective to High School teacher, Luke Taylor has worked some interesting cases and taught some interesting lessons. Using a Masters of Writing, he has blended a unique form of Experiential Learning to take literacy lessons to another level. This same approach to communication and transferable skills has him targeting the commercial world as he brings new understanding to transferable skills. His powerful and poignant life lessons are blended with humour and passion as he shares and motivates audiences. 

Luke is available as both motivational speaker for overcoming adversity, career change, transferable skills, and communication. 

In the realm of literacy and writing, he conducts Crime Story, a series of recreated crime scenes that participants investigate whilst learning vital writing and academic evaluation skills.

Luke Taylor finished a 14-year distinguished career as a Detective with the NSW Police Force. Having toughed it out on the streets of Blacktown and Coroners Liaison officer at Cabramatta, he investigated murders, kidnappings, home invasions, serious sexual assaults, and armed robbery. Notable undercover operations for the NSW Crime Commission put his work front page of the Sunday papers before he discovered greater satisfaction in the Child Protection Sex Crimes Squad, where he could find a voice for those without one.

At 35 years of age, he went to University to study Literature, which led to becoming a High School English teacher. His passion drew him deeper and after a Master of Arts (Writing) he discovered better ways of teaching – experiential and inquiry-based learning using gigantic backdrops, authentically recreated crime scenes and genuine forensic equipment. His students and participants try to solve the (near) unsolvable crimes in the pursuit of lateral thinking, analysis, and well-honed writing skills. 

Luke’s Crime Story workshops live by the adage of “Engage, Inspire … Create” a simple three-step process where he leaves you as "the star of your own story”.

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Luke Taylor