Gwyneth Jane Page

Gwyneth Jane Page


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Gwyneth Jane Page (Jane) was born in Canada, and raised in different countries around the world, including Peru, St. Lucia, the USA, and England.  She moved to the Gold Coast in 2016 with her husband and three of her four children (her oldest daughter remains in Canada, training to be a commercial airline pilot).  Jane loves to travel, spend time with her kids, run on the beach, and visit with friends and family.  She also loves the outdoors, whether hiking, skiing, boogie-boarding or just relaxing on the beach reading a good book.

Jane started writing in 2014 and now has four books published in the series The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse.  The books are set in Canada, Queensland, England and New Zealand.  Jane created the books to teach kids about the world in a fun and interactive way ( PJ Mouse, the main character, is available as a stuffed toy as well as his passport (sticker book) and stickers which accompany each book - designed to be a reward system for reading).  With so much negative information in the media in today's society, Jane hopes that her books will counteract some of this information and encourage kids to overcome their fears of the unknown and, in their turn, care for our planet and some of our endangered species.

Jane's daughter, Megan, is the illustrator of the PJ Mouse series.   Jane and her daughter often visit schools as an author/illustrator team.  Megan loves to give young children a bit of a lesson in drawing and older children are encouraged to consider a variety of subjects:  discussions can range from writing to travel; the specific countries written about to overcoming fears of the unknown; or to endangered species or the assumptions we make about other cultures and people.

An introduction to PJ Mouse:  PJ Mouse tells the story.  Reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh, PJ is a cute, timid mouse, always scared of trying new things, but overcomes his fears and everything works out in the end.  The PJ Mouse books are educational, with maps front and back, and factual information about the places visited.  All the stories are based on the family's travels and are places and experiences that were encountered first hand. 


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Gwyneth Jane Page