Andy Geppert

Andy Geppert

Andy Geppert is an award-winning picture book artist and author whose work captures both the heart and funnybone of children and adults alike.

Through his distinctly charming characters and playful humour Andy’s stories speak to the child in all of us.

His witty take on the everyday, painted in delicate and gentle colours will draw you into worlds and stories you won’t want to leave.

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His work has been awarded the prestigious Crichton Award for new illustrators for his work on Little Big Tree. MEEP was selected as a Notable Book by the Children's Book Council of Australia. His latest picture book Australian Backyard Birdies was recognised by the Australian Book Design Awards and made the cut for the best nonfiction book of 2021 by Bookstagang Australia. 

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How to Draw with Your Heart

Grade Level: 3 - Adults

Learn ‘how to draw with your heart’ in this workshop led by Andy Geppert. Andy shares his passion for creating picture books and provides expert tips and tricks for aspiring picturebook makers. Fast drawing activities will keep the room energised throughout the presentation.

Under Think It

Grade Level: Prep - Grade 5

’Under Think It’ is a hands-on workshop that encourages students to break down barriers in art. This interactive session focuses on participation rather than just talking. Students will learn new techniques, overcome obstacles, and gain confidence through laughter and unexpected methods.

This Art Class Was a Mistake

Grade Level: 1 - 5

Join us for a fun, messy workshop where making mistakes is encouraged. ‘This art class was a mistake’ is a magical experience filled with laughter, scribbles, and learning. Students will follow some rules, break others, and even draw blindfolded. The result? More fun and faster learning through wibbly-wobbly mistakes. Teacher participation is encouraged.





  • Andy engaged really well with all the groups he led - each student was made to feel they were capable of building on their drawing skills - 'just keep practising' was Andy's cue words; along with 'don't use a rubber'!

    St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School - August, 2023

    St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School - August, 2023
    Andy Geppert
  • Andy had a well organised, engaging and interactive presentation. He shared some of his published books, talking about the process of getting a book to a published state. Andy also brought in his version of a 'writer's notebook', which tied in very well with our students' own launch of personal writer's notebooks. Andy was engaging and entertaining for our yr 3-6 students, with his sketching and involving them in doing their own 'two animal' sketch.

    Our Lady of the Angels' School - August, 2023

    Our Lady of the Angels' School - August, 2023
    Andy Geppert
  • I thought Andy was great! He engaged the students and they really related to what he was saying. I've set a homework task this week for the students to create a picture using dot art or hatching etc which was inspired by his talk. Grades 5-6

    He was fantastic! The students were very engaged and really enjoyed his presentation. He worked very well with them and the illustrating activities being the focus was so much fun. I had my class come back and wanted to draw for the rest of the day!'
    Grades 4-5

    Warrigal Road State School - August 2022

    Warrigal Road State School - August 2022
    Andy Geppert


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Andy Geppert