Anna Fienberg

Anna Fienberg

Anna Fienberg grew up in a house filled with books. Her mother was a teacher librarian who relished stories as much as chocolates. 'On Sunday mornings we'd all lie in bed with our books, lost in magical wardrobes, witches’ spells, genies’ magic… What we were going to read next was just as important in our family as what was for lunch! Anna started writing stories when she was eight, but never imagined being an author. After studying psychology, she began writing and scored the best job in the world. Working for School Magazine as an editor she also wrote reviews and articles, stories and plays. One of those stories for School Magazine later became her first book.

Anna has now written over forty well-loved books for children and young adults. Her ever-popular ‘TASHI' series has been translated into 16 languages. She lives in Sydney.



New South Wales

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Anna Fienberg