Brett Lee

Brett Lee


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Brett Lee is the creator of Internet Safe Education (formerly INESS -- Internet Education & Safety Services). Their mission is to equip and educate young Australians with the skills and knowledge to enable them to use the internet safely whilst making them aware of their rights and responsibilities in the cyberworld.

Brett has worked as a Queensland police Officer for 22 years, 16 of those as a Detective in the field of Child Exploitation. In the 5 years prior to his retirement from the QPS, he was a specialist in the field of internet child exploitation investigations. In 2001, in his role as a Detective, Brett delivered an internet safety presentation to students. It was then that he realised the key to protecting the most vulnerable people in our society, our children, from online dangers was education. This realisation fuelled a passion that led to the creation of INESS which has reached over 200,000 thousand students, teachers and parents spreading the message of awareness and responsibility.

Brett has been personally involved in the online investigation, arrest and prosecution of numerous offenders whose medium for preying on children is the internet.

Brett also conducts valuable cybersafety sessions for school leavers. These sessions are entitled Digital Life Skills 4 School Leavers and are designed to prepare our young adults for the real world issues they will face in their continuing online world.

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Brett has recently published an online book called Screen Resolution for teachers, parents and carers.  It has received a 5 Star Readers Favourite Award.  Click here for more details:

INeSS now offers workshops designed to help teachers deal with the radicalisation of the students in their care - See Workshops and Talks tab.

NEW! - With the possibility of students now (or in the near future) being relegated to home education via technology - proper management, monitoring and safety are all the more critical.

Internet Safe Education has published  a new blog to help educators cope with the challenge of ensuring that the cyber world remains safe for the kids in the kids in their world in the coming months. You can read the blog here:

COVID-19 and Cyber Safety

In his internet safety and cyber bullying presentations, Brett covers the following topics –

  • Internet & mobile phones
  • Cyberbullying
  • Chatrooms
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Online Gaming
  • Child Pornography
  • Peer to Peer
  • Identity Protection

Brett also conducts valuable cybersafety sessions for school leavers. These sessions are entitled Digital Life Skills 4 School Leavers and are designed to prepare our young adults for the real world issues they will face in their continuing online world. For more details of these sessions, please view the flyer here.

New Course for Teachers:

Dealing with Radicalisation of Students

Over his 22 years as an Internet Detective, Brett spent thousands of hours tracking online predators. He closely watched the ways they groomed their targets, and found that for many radicalising children was a systematic process. 

Online grooming is a terrifying and growing trend, and we are determined to equip as many caretakers and educators as possible with the tools required to tackle it. That's why we're incredibly excited to release a new professional development course specifically designed to help teachers deal with the radicalisation of the students in their care. This new course will be delivered by our panel of presenters - all with backgrounds in law enforcement. You can find out more about them here

Ross Pascoe

ross pascoe

Ross Pascoe has more than 20 years experience in emergency services, law enforcement, investigation and training. These include 6 years as crew chief / chief training officer of the Westpac LifeSaver Rescue Helicopter and 19 years in the Queensland Police Service, currently at the rank of Acting Senior Sergeant.

Ross holds his Detective appointment and has served as a Detective in the Criminal Investigation Branch, Juvenile Aid Bureau and Child Protection. He has been a facilitator in police training and incident command training for 11 years.

His qualifications include a Masters of Leadership and Management, Bachelor of Legal and Professional Studies (including WH&S, EEO and IR Law) and a Bachelor of Business (majoring in HRM and Organisational Behaviour). Ross also holds a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Ross has international facilitation and investigative experience. He has delivered training sessions in China for Queensland TAFE and was seconded as a loss investigator for the New Zealand Earthquake Commission during the Christchurch earthquakes. Ross has also held the position of Head of School for the QPS Management Development Program that delivers post-graduate courses to the Queensland Ambulance, Queensland Fire and Rescue and international policing jurisdictions including Shanghai, California Highway Patrol, Hong Kong and UAE.

Ross resides in Brisbane, QLD, and is married with two children.

Kelly McAuliffe

Kelly McAuliffe Pic

20 years law enforcement background investigating a range of incidents, including child abuse investigations. My interests have shifted from investigation to education. I am able to transfer the knowledge gained by providing awareness training to people young and old, empowering them with the confidence to make safe personal decisions in the real world and online.


  • Brett Lee was very professional and did a great job presenting. The audience got a lot out of the presentation and have also requested for Brett Lee to present to the students.

    Rochedale State High School - October 2021

    Rochedale State High School - October 2021
    Brett Lee
  • Brett offered a wealth of information and knowledge in cyber security that all members of the event found extremely valuable. Thank you

    Brisbane Multiple Birth Association - June 2021

    Brisbane Multiple Birth Association - June 2021
    Brett Lee
  • Brett kept the boys engaged for the entire hour with lots of positive comments and thank yous from them. The parent presentation was also well received.

    Scotch College - June 2018

    Scotch College - June 2018
    Brett Lee
  • Brett was very informative about online cyber safety. He was able to relate to all age groups and present to the parents and staff in a very practical and down to earth manner.

    February, 2017

    February, 2017
    Brett Lee
  • We have never had a presentation that was so successfully received by our students, our teachers and our families in the wider community. The presentations were excellent, entertaining, thought-provoking and informative – a real quality experience for all participants.

    Brett Lee - Centenary SHS, 2009

    Brett Lee - Centenary SHS, 2009
    Brett Lee
Brett Lee