Darren Groth

Darren Groth

Darren Groth is a Vancouver author and citizen of Canada, having moved from his native Australia in 2007. His novels include Kindling and the highly acclaimed YA work, Are You Seeing Me?. His novel Exchange of Heart in AUS/NZ was published August 2017. In CAN/US, the book was released under the title Munro vs. the Coyote.  His latest novel Infinite Blue, co-written with his brother Simon Groth will be published in September 2018


Darren was the winner of the 2016 Adelaide Festival Award for Young Adult Literature and has been a finalist in numerous other prestigious prizes including the CBCA Book of the Year (Australia), the Prime Minister's Literary Awards (Australia), the Governor General's Literary Awards (Canada) and the BC Book Prizes (Canada). 

For fun, he watches 'American Ninja Warrior' with his beautiful Canadian wife and eats at Fatburger with his wondrous fifteen year old twins.

Darren's Books

Infinite Blue (2018)

Ashley Drummond is an elite swimmer. Clayton Sandalford is a talented artist. From the moment of their first meeting, they were destined to be together. Staying together, however, will test the limits of their love. A world-record swim, and the strange vision that accompanies it, raises questions about the couple's connection. Then a life-altering incident triggers a mystical change, which will demand that both of them let go in ways never imagined. Infinite Blue is a contemporary fairy tale about love and loss, flesh and water, the source of eternity, the lure of possibility and the belief that life is limitless when it's immersed in legend.


Exchange of Heart (2017)

Since the sudden death of his younger sister, Munro Maddux has been stuck. Flashbacks. Anger. Chest pains. And a voice - taunting, barking, biting - that his counsellor calls 'the Coyote'. Munro knows a student exchange will not be the stuff of Disney movies. But in Australia he intends to move beyond his troubled past. 
Forced by his new school to join a volunteer program, Munro discovers the Coyote is silenced in one place- Fair Go, an assisted living residence in Brisbane's west, where Munro gets to know his team of residents- dogged designer Bernie; sleeping refugee Shah; would-be wedded couple Blake and Dale; comic creator Iggy; and self-defence tutor Florence. As this unlikely group shows Munro the sights, Munro's notion of what it means to be a big brother begins to change. But the burden Munro carries is not so easily cast aside, and unexpected developments at Fair Go prompt a devastating flashback that threatens to end the student exchange. Will the Coyote ultimately triumph? Or can Munro find the fortitude necessary to mend his heart?

Are You Seeing Me? (2014)

Twins Justine and Perry are about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime in the Pacific Northwest. It's been a year since they watched their dad lose his battle with cancer. Now, at only nineteen, Justine is the sole carer for her disabled brother. But with Perry having been accepted into an assisted-living residence, their reliance on each other is set to shift. Before they go their separate ways, they're seeking to create the perfect memory. 

For Perry, the trip is a glorious celebration of his favourite things: mythical sea monsters, Jackie Chan movies and the study of earthquakes. For Justine, it's a chance to reconcile the decision to ‘free' her twin, to see who she is without her boyfriend, Marc – and to offer their mother the chance to atone for past wrongs. 

But the instability that has shaped their lives will not subside, and the seismic event that Perry forewarned threatens to reduce their worlds to rubble. 

Kindling (2010)

Nate Monk is Kieran's father. He's a single parent of a 'differently wired' child, a talented musician who once stood on the cusp of success and a man resigned to a pragmatic life of responsibility over opportunity. Both share the scarred aftermath of the Infernal Day. 

On a perfect autumn April noon five-and-a-half years before, wife and mother Felicity died saving her only child from a raging house fire. Although Kieran's inadvertent hand was complicit in the tragedy, Nate refused to apportion blame. The tragic circumstances of the blaze, however, constituted a secret that a fearful father dared not share with his 'different' son. But now, as the burning forests of nearby Pendarra Hill fill the sky with smoke and the TV screen with concern, Kieran will discover the devastating truth. And driven by a desire to make amends for the 'stupid little kid' of half a decade before, he will disappear into the night.



A fun flyover of the scribbler life, answering such questions as 'How did you get here?', 'Where do your ideas come from?' and 'What's the best thing about being a writer?'; includes an interactive game with prizes; grades 7-12; 60 minutes; suitable for individual classes or larger groups.  

Seven Pieces of Perry Advice

An entertaining insight into the decorated YA novel Are You Seeing Me? and an exploration of life lessons provided by protagonist, Perry Richter; includes two interactive games with prizes: ‘AYSM Numbers’ and ‘Jackie Chan or Ogopogo’; Grades 7-12; 60 minutes; suitable for individual classes or larger groups.

Seeing is Believing

A look at the odyssey of Are You Seeing Me? from conception to publication, as well as tips on fashioning great fiction and handling reader feedback/editor process; includes two co-operative learning activities; Grades 8-12; 60 minutes, suitable for writing groups/classes.

Small Stories, Big Dreams - A Duck Dive into Flash Fiction

An intro to flash fiction, its craft, its creation and its publishing opportunities; includes two co-operative learning activities; Grades 8-12; 60 minutes, suitable for writing groups/classes.

All Heart

A powerful and engaging exploration of the 2017 YA novel Exchange of Heart, the folklore of the coyote’s “trickster” reputation, and strategies to defeat inner voices of negativity; includes two interactive games with prizes: ‘Fair Go Facts’ and ‘Coyote Says’; Grades 7-12; 60 minutes; suitable for individual classes or large groups. 




Authorship: The FAQ

A comprehensive and interactive overview of ‘insider’ author knowledge; includes five co-operative group exercises; half-day, suitable for creative writing groups.

Literature's Little Brother - A Guide to Short Story and Novella

A spotlight on literature's concise forms - the short and the novella - focusing on essential techniques, narrative styles and structures, and current publishing opportunities; half-day; suitable for creative writing groups.

Small Stories, Big Dreams - A Deep Dive into Flash Fiction

A practical exploration into the world of flash fiction, its craft, its creation and its publishing opportunities; includes multiple writing exercises, an open mike session, and a competition/prizes; half- or full day; suitable for creative writing groups.


  • Darren was very friendly to staff and students. He was more than willing to give extra time to speak to the students in a one on one environment. He was very engaging and got lots of audience participation with a game. Would definitely use Dave again as a speaker at our college.

    St Edmund's College - August, 2017

    St Edmund's College - August, 2017
    Darren Groth
  • Darren was a very engaging and gracious author to present to our students during Book Week. He presented to 3 different year groups and was entertaining and willing to answer any of the boys' questions. I would have no hesitation in asking him to the school to present again. He was great fun.

    St Joseph's Nudgee College - August, 2017

    St Joseph's Nudgee College - August, 2017
    Darren Groth
  • Darren’s writing and presence resonated very well with teens…His talk was quick-moving, incorporated subject matter geared to the age group, and got them participating, laughing and having fun. I felt that he had a big impact on the students and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

    North Vancouver City Library

    North Vancouver City Library
    Darren Groth
  • The Grade 9 students greatly enjoyed Darren’s book talk; they were engaged and really enjoyed that he was funny. They were spellbound. Also, his leaving a lot of time for questions about writing and inspiration was excellent.

    Delta Secondary School

    Delta Secondary School
    Darren Groth
  • It was so great to have Darren come to visit our classes…Darren was engaging, inspiring and certainly knowledgeable about his craft. He read from his book, talked about the characters he created and shared bits from his personal life too. Darren was comedic, which always captivates kids, and summarized his presentation through a game. They loved it. We’d love to have him back.

    Laura Secord Elementary

    Laura Secord Elementary
    Darren Groth

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