David Lovegrove

David Lovegrove

David Stewart Lovegrove is a writer/illustrator and one of Australia’s most innovative artists. He trained at the world famous classical art school, Julian Ashton's, and during his Master's degree program at Queensland College of Art (Griffith University) developed unique ambidextrous art making skills. He came to the attention of Qantas Airlines, who were showcasing innovative Australian artists, and was commissioned to create a double handed prime time advertisement.

This ad and other artistic acheivements won David a 'Best Creative Industry' Award, and his own episode of the worldwide Art program 'Colour in your Life', showcasing his ambidextrous creative art.


Colour In Your Life TV Show 

David starred in an art driven launch for Emirates Airlines and Nissan in Dubai, where he drew and painted characters from his upcoming futuristic YA novel 'Daruma', on three new Nissan Patrol SUV's.

 David Stuart Lovegrove Nissan Patrol  David Stuart Lovegrove Nissan Patrol Dubai
 Daruma in 100 Daruma 8 Heroes 

He also created the manga pages for the latest edition of Obento Deluxe, the Australian market leading Japanese language series for years 7 - 10.

Obento Deluxe 

David has also created art for major corporations including Cochlear Ltd (inventors of the bionic ear), Daiso Australia, Westpac Bank and others. He has recently completed a commission to draw maps and monster illustrations for the historical novel 'Rescuing Árni', by Stephany Steggall, and has created an exciting new Workshop - 'Maps and Monster's', inspired by it.

His exciting and unique art and writing workshops for young people were voted ‘ Most popular workshop’ during Japan Week in Brisbane (for the Consulate General of Japan), and he has run hundreds of well attended workshops around Australia at literary festivals, schools and libraries.

David is also an acknowledged Master of Kung Fu, a keen student of the Icelandic and Japanese languages, and an authority on the Viking Age and the paranormal in the early Middle Ages. He is currently writing a book entitled 'Viking Superpowers - Way of Asgard'.

David is the ideal presenter to get participants excited about literacy and pushing the creative boundaries, and talking about his workshops for weeks after!



In this exciting workshop, participants will learn to create their own fantasy maps, and illustrate them with creative landforms and mythical monsters. This is in the great tradition of the maps in The Lord of the Rings, The hobbit, Conan the Barbarian and others.

David will also show his exciting maps and monsters from his recent work illustrating the novel, 'Saving Árni', by Stephany Steggall, about an Icelandic hero in 19th century Australia.

IMG 6243


They say there's nothing new under the sun, but this workshop gets as close to new as possible!

David Lovegrove's ambidextrous double handed artwork took the world by surprise a few years ago and in this workshop he reveals his secrets and will have you creating the most amazing spectacular new art before you can say Leonardo Da Vinci ( he might have done it as well! )


This fun workshop introduces participants to the essentials of creating manga characters, and encourages interest in Japanese culture and language.

We will create cool characters, using double handed and scribble approaches, and learn about how manga stories are planned out like a film.

David Lovegrove workshopDavid lovegrove workshop 2

 Bento Boy sketch for web  Daruma and Mr D DSL
lovegrove manga 1 1  lovegrove manga 2 1 
 lovegrove manga 5 1 lovegrove manga 4 1 
 lovegrove manga 7 2  lovegrove manga 3 1


 lovegrove manga 9 1 lovegrove manga 10 






  • David’s session was great and the kids and teens really enjoyed the manga which was very popular.

    Logan Council Libraries - September 2022

    Logan Council Libraries - September 2022
    David Lovegrove
  • David's presentation was informative and engaging. His demonstrations were of high interest to our students and staff.

    Seton College - August 2022

    Seton College - August 2022
    David Lovegrove
  • David is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker and a popular addition to our Literary Festival. The boys were enthralled by his two-handed drawings and ability to tell a story through imagery. Manga books are hugely popular in our libraries and David’s workshops were inspirational, especially for boys who are more inclined to tell stories though drawing. I would highly recommend David to any school, his workshops were inspiring and entertaining.

    Ambrose Treacy College - April 2022

    Ambrose Treacy College - April 2022
    David Lovegrove
  • David was a fantastic speaker. He kept the kids enthused and we learnt so much!

    Mackay Regional Council Libraries - April 2021

    Mackay Regional Council Libraries - April 2021
    David Lovegrove
  • David Lovegrove recently presented his fantastic Manga workshop at Newington College (a private boys’ school in Sydney) to the junior and senior Japanese students.
    David led several two hour workshops where he shared some of his works, techniques, resources and stories with the students which was both very compelling as well as entertaining. He was able to get all the boys involved in drawing Manga no matter their ability. This was extremely successful and very well received by all – truly amazing.

    David was very professional at all times yet easy to approach and talk to and with a very good sense of humour. The students still talk about his workshop and they often ask when the Manga workshop part Two will take place. He definitely inspired all students and I would highly recommend him for any other Manga related educational events.

    Newington College - 2012

    Newington College - 2012
    David Lovegrove


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