Emily Craven

Emily Craven

Emily Craven was first inspired to place pen to paper when she was 12, after she learnt her favourite author, Isobelle Carmody, began her first novel at 14. Ten years ago Emily was a star English student (OP 1) and debater at Siena Catholic College on the Sunshine Coast. Now she is 26 and a geophysicist who has quit her job to become a fulltime YA writer…(who knows why she’d do a silly thing like that?) having just released two e-books, The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain, a YA comedy about a girl addicted to Facebook, and Jake's Page, the tragic story of a young type one diabetic and his Facebook page.

In 2012 Emily was mentored by Isobelle Carmody for her fantasy writing, and won the best new talent award at the Aurealis Awards. She is currently the digital producer at If:book Australia (which is part of the QWC). Teenage writers workshops, creating an e-book workshop (for teens and adults), and multimedia ebook / event creation workshops are Emily’s passion.

Emily is currently working on the second book in the Madeline Cain series, Madeline Cain: Semi-Pro and produced / created Brisbane City Council's Street Readers, an interactive choose-your-own-adventure in the Brisbane city streets.


Emily can conduct lectures, talks, or full and half-day workshops for adults / teens on any of the following topics:

  • Fantasy Writing
  • Writing Choose Your Own Adventures
  • Writing comedy for YA
  • E-book creation and marketing
  • The incorporation of transmedia/interactivity in storytelling
  • The potential for social media and mix format books to tell ‘relevant’ modern day stories for teens
  • Online book marketing
  • Building an author platform
  • Building/using a social media platform
  • Crowd-funding
  • Blogging




Speaker type

  • Author
  • Motivational
Emily Craven