Fiona Lloyd

Fiona Lloyd

Fiona is a British-Australian author, now living on the Central Coast, NSW.

As a graduate of the University of Life, Fiona draws on her many job roles (at least 28!), travel experiences and love of storytelling, to give students new perspectives and inspire them to celebrate life’s twists and turns in story.

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Fiona has floated in the Dead Sea, climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge, given guided tours in Holland and fallen in love with all things Greek during her two years in Athens and Skiathos. Her most special travel experience was in Myanmar where she visited the place where her Granny was born.

Amongst her myriad of interesting jobs, Fiona worked as a television colourist on Home & Away, This is Greece and Secrets of Britain’s Great Cathedrals. She has works in several anthologies for children, is a role model for Books in Homes, and coach with the Harding Miller Education Foundation.  As the Children and Young People’s Program Manager for the Words on the Waves Writers Festival, Fiona enjoys creating diverse programs to engage students and enhance their connection to literature and love of learning.

Fiona loves storytelling in all forms, especially theatre, television and books. Being Jimmy Baxter is her debut middle-grade novel.


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Why Me?

The aim of my presentation is to get children excited about story-telling and inspire them to pick up a book. I also aim to provide proof that just because life can get wonky, with perseverance, trial and error, there can still be a happy ending. (Well, at least - a very good outcome that might lead to other good things down the track if you keep working hard) I also hope they have a few lightbulb moments to inspire storytelling of their own. 


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Presentation Outline

Just Like The Movies:

Based on my experience in the world of TV, this is a light, fun talk engaging readers and movie fans alike. Talk includes:

  • My creative journey to finally becoming an author.
  • What writing books has in common with the world of film & television.
  • Inspiration for my work.
  • General process of book writing (yes, you need to edit!)
  • Funny bits – a reading.
  • Questions – The tricky ones, the awkward ones and the ones that make you go wow!

Workshop Outlines

Keys To Creation
 A fun workshop where students learn foundational keys to creation covering elements of:
 Idea Generation, World-building, Story structure, Creative Writing Processes.

POV: You or Me?

Students create two characters and examine situations from their different perspectives. We explore word choice for voice, and character motivation.


New South Wales

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  • Author
Fiona Lloyd