Hakea Hustler

Hakea Hustler

Hakea Hustler is an adventurer and book lover. Reading books, long walks, trying food in new outback locations are some of her favourite things to do. Hakea believes in the power of stories for empowerment, learning and change. She is co-author of award-winning Black Cockatoo, Tracks of the Missing, My Deadly Boots, Dirran, and a chapter in the anthology Teacher, Teacher. Hakea was shortlisted for the Red Room Poetry - Poetry Object in 2020. She has been the recipient of several writing grants.
Before becoming an author, Hakea was an English teacher who had taught all around Australia- Pinjarra WA, Halls Creek WA, Broome WA, One Arm Point WA, Northern NSW, Geelong Victoria and volunteered in Areyonga NT. She loves using inter-state teaching as a way to immerse in local community and as a base for travel and adventure‚Ķ.and for writing inspiration! 

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 Hakea loves bringing this knowledge and experience into her author talk presentations and workshops. She loves to talk about co-writing, travel as inspiration, weaving lived experiences into stories, meeting different diverse people for character inspiration‚Ķ and more.
Hakea brings her passion for education through into detailed teacher resource packs for each book, and on her websites carlandhakea.com.au and theremoteteacher.com.au

3 books

Author Talks:

Inspiration Station:

Grades 3-6:

Talk 30mins Workshop 45mins (can be adjusted)

Hakea talks about where she finds inspiration, the inspiration behind her books, how she records all her ideas. Hakea can then run an optional workshop: a series of short, sharp and sweet fun activities to generate writing ideas.

 Writing suspense thrillers:

Grades 7-9

Talk 30mins Workshop 45mins (can be adjusted)  

In her author presentation, Hakea shares her experience co-authoring Tracks of the Missing (Magabala 2022) including idea generation, co-writing, using real life inspiration, creating suspense, breadcrumbs, show don't tell and more. Hakea can then run an optional workshop: brainstorming suspense thriller ideas, narrative arch and plot, using suspense thriller writing techniques.

Writing short narratives:

Grades 3-6

Talk 30mins Workshop 45mins (can be adjusted) 

Hakea shares her experience co-authoring Black Cockatoo (Magabala 2018), Dirrarn (Magabala 2023) and Kimberley Kickers (Lothian 2024). She can then run an optional workshop: idea generation, understanding audience, narrative arch and plot in short novellas, depth of character and ideas in a novella, writing techniques and a series of fun writing activities to leave students with stories to continue on with.  

Writing picture books:

Grades K-6

Talk 30mins Workshop 45mins (can be adjusted ie. kindy will be a shorter presentation and workshop)

Hakea shares her experience co-authoring My Deadly Boots (Lothian 2022), Beautiful Night (Lothian 2024), Loved You Then (2024) and may give 'sneak peeks' and 'behind the scenes' into current work in progress books. She can then run an optional workshop around: picture book ideas, structure of a picture book and narrative arch, how words and illustrations work together, the challenge of cutting words and refining message, and a series of fun activities to create our own picture books. 


 Other Speaking Engagements:

Hakea can also deliver teacher professional development around: fun writing activities to hook students, adding purpose to writing, study of any of her books.

  • Hakea is available to sit on festival panels to discuss: co-writing, travel as inspiration, transitioning from teacher to author
  • Hakea can also deliver university talks to preservice teachers on the topic of remote outback teaching.
  • Hakea may* be available for joint bookings with co-author Carl Merrison

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Hakea Hustler