Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt and Jacki Ferro

Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt and Jacki Ferro


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Yamatji-Noongar Elder Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt and writer Jacki Ferro aim to bring children hope and joy through their Spirit of the Dreaming series, based on ancient Aboriginal teachings.

A lively storyteller and talented artist and singer-songwriter, Aunty Rhonda is a respected representative of the Stolen Generations.

Community development worker and writer Jacki Ferro believes in keeping the Dreaming alive and in developing pride in our First Nations people — their culture, languages, and lore — and their special kinship with our sacred land and its animals. Aunty Rhonda and Jacki work together in the true spirit of Reconciliation.


Bio – Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt 


Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt is a strong Yamatji and Noongar woman from Carnarvon, Western Australia, who now lives in Ipswich. A visual artist, storyteller, poet, singer-songwriter, dancer and art teacher, Aunty Rhonda speaks out against injustices against her people and Mother Earth. Aunty Rhonda conducts cultural and art workshops at high schools and has worked in prisons with young women around suicide prevention, helping them reconnect with their Aboriginality. As a representative of the Stolen Generations, Rhonda officiates at National Sorry Day events in Brisbane and Ipswich.


Bio – Jacki Ferro 

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Writer and editor Jacki Ferro of Raw Memoirs specialises in memoir, self-help, spiritual, and business genres. Jacki believes in the power of well researched stories to both educate and entertain, and in preserving memories and stories for future generations.

A strong advocate for Reconciliation and multiculturalism, through co-writing the Spirit of the Dreaming series, Jacki aims to clarify Aunty Rhonda’s messages and promote unity among all Australians, while remaining respectful of Aunty Rhonda’s raw and powerful storytelling voice.

Aunty Rhonda and Jacki Ferro first teamed up to write Rhonda’s life story, Alice’s Daughter: Lost Mission Child (2017), which became a best seller for Aboriginal Studies Press.

For books and resources, including audiobooks and teacher notes, and to keep up with the adventures of Aunty Rhonda and Jacki Ferro, follow the links:



Spirit of the Dreaming Presentations for those aged 5-12 years

Through lively storytelling, puppetry, song and dance, Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt and Jacki Ferro teach children about our special Australian bush animals (their characteristics, habits, environment and life cycles), wise teachings based on ancient Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, and words from the Noongar language (Grandfather Emu), and two Yamatji languages (Bobtail’s Friend), namely Wajarri (desert people’s language) and Nhanda (saltwater people’s language) of Western Australia. They sing songs that summarise their story themes of kindness and caring for each other, and get children up to dance like emus, goannas and dolphins, and hop like kangaroos! Each presentation is unique and tailored for the needs of the audience. Spirit of the Dreaming presentations support the goals of Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) in schools.

Grandfather Emu is presented with a puppet show by Jacki as Aunty Rhonda reads the book.

Bobtail’s Friend is presented with a 900mm x900mm feltboard on which Jacki presents the scenery and Australian bush animals as Aunty Rhonda reads the story.

Both stories are also shown simultaneously on a big screen through a PowerPoint of the book, featuring Aunty Rhonda’s incredible artwork and the story, so that older students can read along. 





  Stolen Generations Presentations for those aged 10 years – Adult

Through storytelling, poetry and song, Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt and Jacki Ferro teach us about who the Stolen Generations are, the policies, the treatment of Aboriginal people from the Protectionist era through the Assimilation era and to the 1967 Referendum, to the ‘Stolen Children’s’ report in 1997, National Sorry Day, and on to the National Apology in 2008, which Aunty Rhonda attended in Canberra. Aunty Rhonda shares stories about her life growing up in Carnarvon Native Mission and then with three white foster families, and how she has since found healing through writing, art and music, and her unbreakable bond with the Dreaming. Stolen Generations presentations support the goals of Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) in schools.



Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt and Jacki Ferro