Liz Anelli

Liz Anelli

New South Wales

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  • Illustrator / Designer

Liz Anelli is an author/illustrator. She was born in Essex, England and has been scribbling away since she could first hold a pencil. She began by drawing endless stories, horses, whilst lying on the dining-room carpet. Now she generally draws sitting at a desk – but she is sometimes up a tall tower, in a field or sitting on a bus. She is mad keen on collecting stuff and has dozens of sketchbooks full of drawings, signs, tickets, ice cream wrappers, bus routes and jotted down bits of conversation.

Liz makes pictures using collage and printmaking as well as paint and pencils, collecting ephemera on her many travels to weave into stories. She delights in complex city scenes and is well known for her large scale illustrated maps. But most of all she loves to draw – any time, anywhere. Starting with early years spent drawing on the backs of her dad’s electrical circuit diagram papers she graduated to documenting the dinosaurs at London’s Natural History Museum and now has a ceiling-high stack of sketchbooks full of inspirations from around the world. Her passion for drawing has contributed to international research with the British Council and Big Draw.

Liz now lives in Newcastle, Australia with her husband Mario.  

She has been extensively recognised for her illustrations with awards by CBCA, ASO, Illustrators Australia, Australian Society of Authors & May Gibbs Trust Fellowships. ‘Desert Lake‘ (Walker Books) shortlisted NSW Premiers Award 2017 and ‘One Photo’ Penguin Random House shortlisted CBCA Picture Book of The Year 2017.

Some of her new publications due for release in October and November 2017 include Ten Pound Pom and Grace and Katie.

Liz is a member of SCWBI, ASA and CBCA, regularly delivers talks and workshops with schools and contributes to festivals and conferences as well as reviewing picture books for CBCA Reading Time. 


Liz Anelli