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Lorraine Marwood


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Lorraine Marwood is both an accomplished literary and children's poet and children's / YA author. 

She also writes strategies to teach poetry writing to children and adults.  She has five collections of poems published for children, the latest being Guinea Pig town and Other Poems About Animals in 2013.

Lorraine is based in Bendigo, Victoria and writes from a rural and regional background. She has a passion for the history of the goldfields as reflected in Ratwhiskers and Me. Her work was recognised with her verse novel Star Jumps winning the 2010 Prime Minister's award, children's section. 

Her poems have appeared in many anthologies and regularly appear in the School Magazine New South Wales.

In July 2018 Lorraine's opinion piece Lord Will I Die? appeared in The Guardian Australia (see attached link). It describes how her own journey through cancer inspired her to write her latest book Leave Taking. Leave Taking tells the story of out a boy called Toby whose family are packing up and leaving their family farm after the death of Toby’s younger sister, Leah.

Listen to Lorraine's interview on ABC Radio Brisbane which describes this journey:

Taking Leave also received a glowing review in Children's Books Daily - Book People: Lorraine Marwood

"The very best verse novels are fine examples of paring back words, until only the very heart of the story and raw emotion remain."


  • Lorraine was a fantastic speaker. She gave the students ideas of how poets work and ran a workshop to practise the skills, so there was a good balance between the theory and the practise which is better for primary students. Her introductory session was also informative and her reading of the poems was good. Just having the opportunity to meet a writer and poet is an experience too.

    Lorraine Marwood - Lowther Hall Anglican School, October, 2013.

    Lorraine Marwood - Lowther Hall Anglican School, October, 2013.
    Lorraine Marwood
Lorraine Marwood