Madonna King

Madonna King


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  • Journalist / Feature writer
  • Motivational

Madonna King is one of Australia's most accomplished journalists, having worked at senior levels of News Limited and the ABC (where Madonna presented the MORNINGS program in Brisbane for six years). Madonna writes for Fairfax's GOOD WEEKEND, writes a highly successful weekly column for the BRISBANE TIMES and has a regular radio spot on Brisbane's 4BC. She has written seven books, all defined by her skilful reporting and her ability to get people to talk in depth. These include the biographies of Professor Ian Frazer and our Ambassador to America Joe Hockey, and the story behind the Bali 9.

Her latest book - Being 14 - is out in March and gives a voice to the nation's 14-year-old girls. She regularly teaches feature writing to high schools, and provides keynote talks on leadership and decision-making to school gatherings. Being 14 is aimed at school parent communities and teachers.

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 Madonna's next book, Fathers and Daughters, will be released in September.


  • Attendees loved the topic and the way Madonna spoke to the topic. So much wonderful feedback for this session!

    Ipswich Libraries - August 2018

    Ipswich Libraries - August 2018
    Madonna King
Madonna King