Míša Alexander & Erin Knutt

Míša Alexander & Erin Knutt

Míša Alexander is a mother of three boys, one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum. Inspired by the need for more inclusive schools and communities, she co-created and illustrated Fergus & Delilah, a children’s book changing a generation’s view on disabilities.

Míša is Canadian born, but has lived on the Northern Rivers of NSW since 1997. She has worked as graphic designer & illustrator for over 20 years in various studios around Australia as well as internationally for the United Nations as part of the Electoral Commision in East Timor & Afghanistan. 

Human rights has always interested her and now having a child with a disability she feels more compelled to take action and make a change in our society. Míša has now embarked on completing her Masters in Human Rights.

In 2019, Míša was awarded the Emerging Illustrator Award by HarperCollins Children's Publishers!

Erin Knutt moved to Australia from Canada 8 years ago settling in Byron Bay, NSW where she completed her Primary Teaching Degree.

Erin has been working with children over the last 15 years in a variety of settings including, coaching sporting teams, instructing at outdoor education facilities, teaching English in a remote school in Thailand, teaching in Primary schools and during the last three years teaching in the Special Needs Department of a local High School. Throughout this time Erin has enjoyed using her love of writing and her vivid imagination to create stories for the children she teaches to enjoy and learn from.

We are all Wired Differently

We would like to offer your Kindy and Year 1 Students the chance to participate in our 1-hour, Fergus & Delilah We are all Wired Differently program aimed at raising awareness about differences, disabilities and inclusion.

This 1-hour interactive program is based around the children's picture book Fergus & Delilah.

Fergus & Delilah is a picture book that is fun and whimsical.  It is about a little girl on her first day at a new park.  She makes friends with a variety of children from "the unique to the kid who doesn't speak".  However, despite her best effors, the boy who always plays alone keeps shooing her away.

With a reading of Fergus & Delilah, students will have the opportunity to discuss with the author, Erin Knutt, what makes people different and how students can use diverse characters in their own stories.  Students will then work with Míša Alexander, the illustrator to draw their own box head character and create a 3D box head, complete with quicky wires.

During the program students will reflect, discuss, dance, draw, create and experience a new perspective about disabilities and inclusion.

We are all Wired Differently Program is designed around the Australian curriculum and is directly related to the following content descriptions from HPE, English and the Arts.

  • ACPPS024 - Recognise similarities and differences in individuals and groups, and explore how these are celebrated and respected.
  • ACELA1443 - Understand that people use different systems of communication to cater to different needs and purposes and many people may use sign systems to communicate with others.
  • ACAVAM106 - Explore ideas, experiences, observations and imagination to create visual artworks and design.

In addition to the 1-hour presentation, you School will receive the following additional resources at no additional cost:

  • 1 x Fergus & Delilah hardcover book (RRP $24)
  • 1 x Fergus & Delilah Teaching Resource Kit (RRP $24)
  • 1 x Fergus & Delilah Journal (RRP $45)
  • Box Head Craft Set




New South Wales

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Míša Alexander & Erin Knutt