Nadia Sunde

Nadia Sunde


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  • Motivational

Introducing Nadia Sunde - Author, Songwriter, Comedian, Storyteller, Performer, Motivational

Nadia and Madam Cholet 2 

Nadia Sunde is one of Australia’s most celebrated and highly acclaimed children’s theatre writers and performers. An internationally and nationally awarded singer/songwriter she is also the author of two published illustrated children's books, an experienced music educator, actress, comedienne and ABC radio presenter. Nadia has written four children's theatre shows for 3 - 8 year olds and also works as a freelance creative consultant / director / performer on adult and children's musical theatre.

Nadia uses her skills as a professional performer to engage children in a vibrant and interactive workshop full of stories, songs and loads of laughter. She effectively uses drama, comedy and music as tools to activate children's imagination and creative curiosity. “Nadia Sunde is the most intuitive performer / storyteller / singer that I have had the pleasure to meet. The kid’s shrieks of laughter were a delight to me and the teachers, and all done with a sock and a teapot! She bonded with the kids and the staff. Nadia, Houdini like, got a child who does not speak, to become a part of the storytelling. His teacher and I couldn't believe what we were seeing. She's the benchmark that everyone else needs to aspire to. The staff and I want her back.”

Seven Hills State School, August, 2014.


* 2015 Queensland Music Award Winner - ‘Outstanding Achievement - World Music Category'
* 2015 / 14 / 13 Queensland Music Award Winner - ‘Children’s Category’
* 2014 / 13 / 11 International Songwriting Award Winner - ‘Children’s Category’
* 2014 Gold Coast Creative Industry Award Winner
* 2013 APRA Art Music Awards - ‘Queensland Performance of the Year’ - The Dream of Zedkat Nabu

2017 Festival Appearances

Auckland, Perth, Sydney, Newcastle and Somerset with a few more still in the pipeline......

 Treasure of Captain Curlylocks

The Collectors

Brought to you by LittleLeaf Productions and inspired by The Last Tree, a short story from celebrated Australian author Bruce Pascoe, The Colllectors is an immersive narrative experience crafted for children in a primary school setting that explores themes of community and environment through the art of story telling and letter writing.

Incorporating supported classroom activities, crafted visual installations, whimsical costuming, props and an interative presentation/workshop, children will experience various types of oral and written stories, rhyming verse, songs and an immersive narrative of exceptional quality.

Children will be actively engaged to create texts using speaking, writing and drawing that celebrate and explore their own experiences, ideas and stories.

To fully appreciate what this new initiative has to offer, please follow the link on the right hand side to The Collectors - Schools Information 2019.

20180701The Collectors 01302 4MP

My Imagination Eats Eggs

Once upon a time there was a little girl who discovered her colourful imagination… Join acclaimed children’s writer, performer and comedienne Nadia Sunde as she takes a journey into the world of imagination. Learn how to speak in ‘Nadia-nese’, how to recognise when your imagination is playing a trick on you and what to ‘feed’ your imagination to grow it strong. This workshop will involve laughter, a guitar, songwriting, silly voices, storytelling, dramatic play, giggling, puppets and a fluffy teapot. Students are guaranteed to leave this workshop full of creative ideas, bubbling conversation and stories to share.

It's All About The Song

(most suitable for older grades including High School)

Brainstorms, rhythm, rhyme, mash-ups, character, emotion, action, word play! All elements of a great song. A multi-award winning songwriter, Nadia takes students on a song writing adventure and offers them the lead. Nadia records herself and the children singing their masterpiece and emails it straight to their teacher to enjoy and review with their class. In every workshop with Nadia you can be sure there will be singing, drama, musical instruments, storytelling, movement and a lot of laughter. She believes that the best way to nurture a child's heart and mind is to laugh and engage joyfully with them. This understanding and unique ability to create comedy and music for children endears her to audiences of all ages.

KEYNOTE: The Art of Creative Confidence

(High School)

With 20 years experience as a multi-platform artist and writer across theatre, cabaret and concert performances Nadia explores the habits of creatively confident people and explodes the myth that nerves are something to ‘overcome’.

Sharing her own personal journey as a performing artist, Nadia shares insights, skills and techniques that have helped her traverse a harrowing relationship with stage fright and finally quieted the little voice that kept questioning…’what if I’m not good enough?’. Participants will walk away with a heart full of humour and hope…and a tool bag full of skills and techniques for engaging their own creative confidence.

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Professor Francesca “Frankie” Falconette

Explore the magical world of the Harry Potter books with Professor Francesca “Frankie” Falconette, Harry Potter Enthusiast, as she brings to life the characters, creatures and adventures from J.K. Rowling’s bestselling Harry Potter Books.



Professor Frankie’s Harry Potter book events are fun and interactive, designed for children aged 9 – 12, whether they’re new to the Harry Potter books, or dedicated fans.

Students are encouraged to dress in Harry Potter costume and bring along their own Harry Potter books for Professor Frankie to stamp with her exclusive stamp.



The role of Professor Francesca Falconette is played by award-winning children’s entertainer Nadia Sunde.





Professor Falconette might be a Harry Potter Enthusiast, but is she really the expert she thinks she is?


* Please note, for all Harry Potter Book Events, schools must provide AV for Professor Frankie’s PowerPoint show and Harry Potter books must be available to buy at the event. 


  • It was so wonderful to have Nadia back for Book Week this year. The Collectors experience for our Prep to Year 2 students was magical. The students were so engaged from the activities prior, right through to visit from Sprig and Magnolia on the day. The Harry Potter show was extremely entertaining for our older students. Both shows allowed for student participation and lots of fun, while at the same time ensuring the students were well-managed. Thank you again, Nadia!

    Whites Hill State College - October 2020

    Whites Hill State College - October 2020
    Nadia Sunde
  • Our students were filled with joy and delight when the The Collectors came to visit. Sprig and Magnolia, aka Nadia Sunde and Melissa Redman, are perfect foils for each other. Sprig explodes with exuberance and humour while Magnolia balances this with serenity and calm. Their message of care for nature is embedded in every aspect of the program, from the pre-performance letters, the performance itself, and then children visiting Little Leaf Village website where they can send an email, view photos, listen to stories and songs, and even get a recipe from Magnolia's Kitchen. The children have been so excited with the replies. The Collectors are real in the eyes of a child, up there with the Tooth Fairy and Santa.... but better. I will definitely invite them back.

    Seven Hills State School - August 2019

    Seven Hills State School - August 2019
    Nadia Sunde
  • Nadia's sessions with our students were amazing! She catered to the three different age groups beautifully, with each group being thoroughly entertained. Not only were they entertained with theatre, song and hilarity, the student's were managed in a way that meant there were no issues with student behaviour. She set clear expectations and then off she went on a marvellous adventure of storytelling and humour. I have never seen our students as engaged and happy as they were during Nadia's show. We would definitely recommend her to other schools and we will be getting her back here at our school in the future!

    Whites Hill State College - August 2019

    Whites Hill State College - August 2019
    Nadia Sunde
  • Nadia engaged the students and they enjoyed her humour. Nadia was able to adapt to the wide range of age groups from Kindy to year 6. The teachers appreciated her focus on using "imagination"

    St Francis Xavier Primary School, Ballina - March 2019

    St Francis Xavier Primary School, Ballina - March 2019
    Nadia Sunde
  • Currumbin State School were more than impressed with Nadia's innate natural ability to engage 7 year olds. It's not an easy task to stimulate engagement, creativity in teaching students to love POETRY but Nadia was brilliant. Her power in truly connecting with a young audience was MAGICAL!

    Currumbin State School - February 2019

    Currumbin State School - February 2019
    Nadia Sunde
Nadia Sunde