Nikki Rogers

Nikki Rogers


Nikki Rogers is a mother, teacher, author and illustrator of children's picture books. Since 2012, her inspirational books have touched the lives of children around the globe.

Some of her award-winning books include A Beautiful Girl Like You, A Hero Like You, Wilbur the Woolly, What Love Looks Like and Born To Stand Out.

Nikki was raised on a farm in Qld, Australia and pursued a career in Primary Education. In addition to teaching, she has a passion for the arts, writing, drawing and painting. She also enjoys spending time in nature and loves wildlife. As her desire to have a positive impact on the lives of children merged with her love of art, several beautiful books to inspire and delight children were created.

Nikki currently lives on the Gold Coast with her husband, children and bantam chickens. She loves to visit schools and kindergartens to share her stories and inspire children to be all they were created to be.

See the Links section for Nikki's website and to watch read along videos of Nikki's stories.

Watch as an illustration comes to life – Watercolour chameleon book illustration:



Or watch the magic of her Watercolour Illustration - The light shines in the darkness here:


Available Workshops and Talks

Hi, I’m local author and illustrator, Nikki Rogers. I love to visit schools and kindergartens in the Gold Coast area to share my story and inspire children to keep trying and be the best they can be.

 Story time session with Nikki Rogers  Author storytime session with Nikki Rogers  Story time session with author Nikki Rogers

Storytime Sessions:

For children in kindergarten through to year 1, a Storytime session includes Nikki reading one of her children’s stories, and can include some rhyming, dancing, actions, puppetry, a craft activity and question time. If extra time is available, Nikki can also draw an illustration with the help of the students.
Duration: 30- 45 minutes
Suitable for: Kindergarten, prep and grade 1

Author Talks:

In an Author Talk presentation Nikki shares her writing and illustration process, some of her sketches through to the finished product, encourages children to use their talents and answers any questions the students may have about writing and illustrating. Students also get to draw a step-by-step illustration along with Nikki.

These sessions are suitable for single class sizes or assembly-size groups up to 200 students.

Suitable for: Years 2-6

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Topics covered

- Where ideas come from
- Being brave to share your story
- The importance of editing
- Practice, sketches and illustrations
- Picture book reading
- Author Q&A
- Pursuing your passion
- Illustration demonstration (optional)

Curriculum outcomes

- Storytelling techniques
- Problem solving and creativity
- Effective communication
- Collaboration and teamwork
- Working with feedback

Themed Lesson:

Nikki can also read one of her books and present a short, themed lesson with an accompanying craft activity. This would require about 1hr and is suitable for small groups of 25-30.


  • “An inspirational and incredibly motivating talk for my students that shared your talent and craft. The entire session was fabulous!”

    Teacher - 2023

    Teacher - 2023
    Nikki Rogers
  • “Nikki was engaging and informative. Weaving the skills of writing together with her own experiences and the wonder of storytelling to keep even the most reluctant reader or writer enthralled!”

    Year 5 teacher - 2023

    Year 5 teacher - 2023
    Nikki Rogers
  • “A lovely and engaging presentation! The facts and information was relevant to the age and the kids really enjoyed it!”

    Year 4 Teacher - 2023

    Year 4 Teacher - 2023
    Nikki Rogers
  • Nikki's performance was very engaging, with a variety of activities to keep the children occupied. The children were heard discussing it throughout the day, and the fun they had.

    St John's Anglican College - June 2021

    St John's Anglican College - June 2021
    Nikki Rogers
  • Nikki was friendly and engaging from the moment she entered my classroom. The students were captivated as she read her story and then answered their questions.

    St Andrews Lutheran College - 2019

    St Andrews Lutheran College - 2019
    Nikki Rogers


Speaker type

  • Author
  • Illustrator / Designer
  • Storyteller / Performer
Nikki Rogers