Simon Deshon

Simon Deshon


Siggo spends his days and nights in the Gold Coast, Queensland …fiddling with his sketchbooks or getting ready to teach his talented creative students.

Simon Deshon with Silver Lining

Siggo’s first sketchbook was a gift from Nana …a colossal spiral bound thing with ‘Genuine Drawing Cartridge’ on the cover.

One of Siggo’s fondest childhood memories from growing up in the 80s was discovering a large box of tatty comics that had been passed down from his brothers. He would sit for hours studying each panel. His favourite artist is Sergio Aragonés.

Simon Deshon sketches

Soon after …Siggo fell head over heels in love with an English backpacker then chased her back to the UK. 20 years, 3 delightful daughters, a Masters, a BAFTA nomination, a portfolio of work and a hat full of lifelong friends later …Siggo immigrated back to Oz …where he (see first paragraph …whew).

Simon Deshon illustrations

Simon Deshon St. Sebastian presentation

Presentation (60 mins)

Two is Better Than One

Illustrator & Writer - Working with others ...why

This is in the form of a Power Point presentation that maps the process of illustrating a children’s book. From how I was noticed as a protentional collaborator. To getting on the same page as the writer. Next fleshing out the characters and environments from the written word …the importance of seeking approval and allowing amendments at each stage …then onto publishing, distribution …finally the next project.

Requirements (me) 

Projector with a HDMI lead.  Wifi connection preferred.

Requirements (Student)

A smile

Simon Deshon workshop

Illustration Workshop (60 mins)

I can’t draw! Can I?

  • An interactive illustration workshop
  • Students armed with a pencil and piece of A4 paper …will follow the illustrator's instructions
  • Warming up the hands (Blind drawing) …muscle memory technique
  • Connecting the eye to the hand (Continuous Line) …flex your observational skills
  • Student walk about and look at each other's images …having others look, laugh and comment on your work is crucial to being a creative.
    • If time Simon to demonstrate with a live drawing on projector

Requirements (me) 

Projector with a HDMI lead. Wifi connection preferred.

Requirements (Student)

Paper & pencil

I’ll bring my WACOM tablet to ‘live draw’ on the projector this works through my laptop.

Simon Deshon class presentation 


  • We finished Book Week with Author Milly Reynolds and Illustrator Simon Dechon facilitating writing and drawing workshops for an entire day with all K-6 students. The students had a wonderful and informative time learning about the creative process behind creating and publishing a book. A big thank you to Milly and Simon who were so generous with their time and provided such engaging sessions for our students.

    Thank you again for coming to our school! It was really great to meet you and Milly and share the magic of books.

    Lightning Ridge Central School - August 2023

    Lightning Ridge Central School - August 2023
    Simon Deshon
  • Concluding Book Week, today our students enjoyed a visit from Author; Milly Reynolds and Illustrator; Simon Deshon aka Siggo, who together created the book "St Sebastian, Jack & the Silver Lining".
    Their book is about friendship, loyalty, accepting differences and finding silver linings.
    Students from K to 6 were engaged with writing and drawing workshops with Milly & Siggo, who read the story to them, explained the steps of creating a story and then showed them how to create expressions on characters. Thank you Milly & Simon.

    St Joseph’s School Walgett - August 2023

    St Joseph’s School Walgett - August 2023
    Simon Deshon


Speaker type

  • Illustrator / Designer
  • Cartoonist
  • Educational consultant
  • Virtual visits
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Simon Deshon