T C Shelley

T C Shelley

T C Shelley has been writing since she was a child, so it makes sense she would want to write for children, and as an educator of children feels comfortable with her target audience. Her novel 'The Monster Who Wasn't' is a middle-grade fantasy and the first in a trilogy.

Shelley lives in Perth, Western Australia.



My Writing Journey

Future writers - 45 mins

How I got here, how long it took, and mistakes I made along the way (so you can avoid them).

The Steps to Getting Published

Future authors - 45 - 60 minutes 

I have run this past other writers, it's a long if fairly standard process, but it's good to know. Knowing the process makes it easier to set goals and plan for the steps.

What is a Writer?

All ages - 45 mins

Are you really a writer? What does it mean to be a writer? What are the pros and cons of this life style?

Pushing Past Writer's Block

All ages - 45 mins

Most people sabotage themselves at some point, but are writers a little too good at it? Looking at what Writer's Block really is and building tactics to beat it.


An Introduction to Story Writing: Characters & Conflict

Beginners/all ages - 90 minutes.

Looking at the basic elements that build good story.

The Internal Journey: Plotting and Planning

Beginners/all ages - 90 minutes.

What do I need at each stage of my story to make it work?

Writing Around the Emotion

Writers/YA/adults - 60 minutes

This is for more confident writers. A way to show the inner workings of your characters, rather than just tell what they are feeling.

How to Construct a Scene

Writers/YA/adults - 60 minutes

Looking at character motivation, moving the plot along, and making the reader want to read the next scene.


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T C Shelley