Wenda Shurety

Wenda Shurety

Formerly a research scientist, Wenda is now an award-winning children’s author with six picture books published about nature and the magical world of the imagination. Her first picture book Eva’s Imagination was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year 2019, and Pear of Hope won the Picture Book of the Year at the Forevability Awards 2022. Both Eva’s Imagination and Backyard Magic were read on ABC’s Play School.
Wenda presents at primary schools, pre-schools, libraries, bookshops and festivals and can tailor her talk to the audience (age, special requests, school curriculum). Presentations can involve readings, discussion, Q & A, imagination games and a puppet friend or two.



Where's Your Imagination Hiding?

For pre-school, prep and Year 1 (30 or 40 min)

Eva’s Imagination and Backyard Magic’ readings, imagination games, puppet fun and Q & A. IMG_1397b.jpg


Outdoor Play

For pre-school, prep and Year 1 (30 or 40 min)

Backyard Magic and Dig! Dig! Dig! readings, imagination and backyard games, puppet fun and Q & A. reading2.png


Three Book Fun

For prep and Years 1 - 3 (45 or 60 min)

Eva’s Imagination, Backyard Magic and One Book Was All It Took readings, imagination and writing games, puppet fun and Q & A.



Looking After Our Oceans

For Years 2 – 6 (30 or 45 min)

The Last Seaweed Pie reading, ocean wildlife, the journey of rubbish, tips on how to be an ocean hero and Q & A.


Picture Book Writing

For Years 3 – 6 (45 or 60 min)

Pear of Hope and/or One Book Was All It Took readings, finding ideas, picture book structure and steps, the role of the author and the illustrator, writing techniques such as symbolism, alliteration and onomatopoeia, building characters and Q & A.









  • Wenda came to visit us at C&K Coorparoo Community Kindergarten and read 2 of her books! “Eva’s Imagination” and “Backyard Magic” are both beautifully illustrated picture books, enjoyable to read and help extend children’s love of literature and enhance their imagination. Wenda engaged the children with the illustrations after Eva’s Imagination, asking questions and helping them link and make sense of what is meant by the word Imagination. The children then loved spotting the bird on each of the pages in Backyard Magic. They were delighted when a little bird appeared and then hid behind Wenda at the end of the story reading!

    C&K Coorparoo Community Kindergarten - May 2022

    C&K Coorparoo Community Kindergarten - May 2022
  • Wenda recently visited our school to share her beautiful picture storybooks with our Year 1, 2 and 3 classes. The students were delighted to hear Wenda’s animated reading of her books, complete with props to encourage imaginative contributions from the audience and even an adorable (and very realistic!) puppet dog. They were also fascinated to be able to ask a real author the hows and whys of writing a book.
    “Backyard Magic” and “Eva’s Imagination” are beautiful stories of play and imagination that the younger children could relate to. “The Last Seaweed Pie” was perfect for older students who are developing their awareness of environmental issues. And book lovers of all ages can enjoy the bright and lively “One Book Was All It Took”.
    Wenda’s joy in sharing stories with children was evident as she interacted with them in a warm, fun and lively manner that they responded wonderfully to. I would definitely recommend Wenda for a visit with lower Primary students!

    Cannon Hill Anglican College Primary - May 2022

    Cannon Hill Anglican College Primary - May 2022
  • Wenda attended Belmont State School with copies of her book Eva’s Imagination. The kids were hanging on to her every word as she spoke about her book and the process from idea to published work. Wenda has a calm and charming disposition when speaking to the children who were clearly inspired and were prompted to ask many interesting questions. The children wished her well with her first book and looking forward to her next story. Thank you Wenda for sharing your passion and vision and hope to see you again soon.

    Belmont State Schoo - November 2018

    Belmont State Schoo - November 2018
  • Eva’s Imagination

    Eva’s Imagination

  • Backyard Magic

    Backyard Magic

  • Dig! Dig! Dig!

    Dig! Dig! Dig!

  • Pear of Hope

    Pear of Hope

  • The Last Seaweed Pie

    The Last Seaweed Pie

  • One Book Was All It Took

    One Book Was All It Took


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