Zanni Louise

Zanni Louise

New South Wales

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Zanni Louise is passionate about writing quality books for children of all ages and inspiring people to write their own stories.

Based in the Byron Bay hinterland, Zanni has published twelve books, including the popular Errol picture book series, Stardust School of Dance chapter books and Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush. Her new series Humankind is out in 2020.

She’s collaborated with several award-winning picture book illustrators, and has twice been nominated for the CBCA Book Awards. Archie and the Bear was selected for the prestigious White Ravens International Catalogue. Her books are sold in over twenty foreign territories.

As well as appearing at festivals, Zanni mentors writers and runs writing workshops for kids and adults Australia-wide. She is one of the Australian Writers Centre tutors.



Creating Story Magic

Zanni brings a fresh, comic, female presence to the author stage, in a presentation that engages kids and their parents and teachers, inspiring creativity and storytelling.

This talk includes a job interview, a magic trick, very terrible dance moves, and a parent/teacher auction. Surprisingly, perhaps, all these activities tie in directly with Zanni’s recent book releases.

Zanni reads from her humorous picture book ERROL! She reveals how books are made, and the secrets of coming up with original ideas, editing work, and getting published. She also talks about the key ingredients of living life creatively: embracing boredom, being playful, being persistent, and engaging the imagination.

Suitable for Primary School; 45-60 min.


Dance Like No-One Is Watching

Zanni shares her new dance series: Stardust School of Dance. This series for 6-10 year-olds is all about dance, friendship and discovering what makes you tick. Zanni reads an excerpt, talks about the characters, and story development and invites young dancers to teach Zanni and others their special dance moves.

Suitable for Primary School; 45-60 min with Q&A.


Write A Picture Book

In this one-hour presentation, Zanni works with a group to develop their own story, using the key elements of story craft: character development, plot structure, and language and editing techniques. No two stories are the same, and students get the opportunity to put story craft into practise in an engaging, inspiring session.


WORKSHOPS - Primary and Secondary:

Write Like No-One is Watching

In this three hour workshop for teenagers and adults, Zanni Louise helps you unlock your creativity, and write your own story. You will learn how to develop characters, structure a plot, write freely and effectively, and edit.

Suitable for teens and adults; 3-hours


Create A Book In A Day

Zanni works with a group of students to develop a collaborative published book. Zanni will help students unlock creativity, find unity and synchronicity in ideas, draw ideas together and form a meaningful storyline. Students then branch into groups to write chapters individually or in small groups. Some students work on illustrations. Zanni workshops each chapter with students, bringing stories together, and helps students with editing. Zanni then arranges for books to be compiled and printed, so they can be returned to the students.

Suitable for Primary and Secondary; one full day; max 20 students.


Story Craft

In this short workshop, Zanni inspires students to write their own story. Students will learn how to brainstorm, plan and write their original story.

Suitable for Primary and Secondary; 1-2 hours; max 30 students


Sweaty Brain Editing 

You’ve written a story. Then what? The next step is putting on your editor’s hat and editing! Editing is an essential part of the writing process, but most kids stop at the first draft. In this fun workshop, Zanni leads kids through professional editing techniques they actually like! One Year 3 boy reported after a Sweaty Brain Editing session: ‘I speak for everyone, well myself at least, when I say I discovered how much I loved editing!’


WORKSHOPS - Early Learning Centre:

Little Stardust Dancers

Zanni Louise reads an excerpt from her books STARDUST SCHOOL OF DANCE, and engages children in a conversation about their love of dance. Zanni then teaches little dancers the Stardust Dance routine, and leads them in a tiara and dance crown making activity. Materials included in cost of workshop.

Workshop length: 45 min - 1 hour
Max participants: 30


Penguin Adventures

Wearing her Errol beanie, Zanni Louise reads her two bestselling humorous picture books Errol! and Mum for Sale. After an engaging discussion, Zanni gets kids to design their own penguin adventures, and Errol beanie. Templates supplied.

Workshop length: 45 min - 1 hour


Storytelling with Zanni Louise

Picture book author Zanni Louise dresses up to read three of her loved picture books, and leads the children in fun craft activities. Materials included in cost of workshop.

Workshop length: 45 min - 1 hour


Find Your Magic Paintbrush

Zanni Louise reads one of her  Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush books, and leads the kids in a discussion about themes in the book, which include problem-solving, starting school, friendship and using your imagination. Kids then create their own magic paintbrush using craft materials. Materials included in cost of workshop.

Workshop length: 45 min - 1 hour
Max participants: 20



  • We would like to sing Zanni’s praises for a wonderful school visit. Her engaging and gentle ways had our students engrossed in her presentations. Her hands on props and enthusiasm for her craft, had all our students excited about writing their own texts. Zanni was more than happy to answer all our students’ questions and keenly shared her writing journey with our students. Zanni’s warmth and passion about quality literature for children is inspiring and we would welcome her back to our school, without hesitation.

    St Agatha's Brisbane - 2019

    St Agatha's Brisbane - 2019
    Zanni Louise
  • We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Zanni to our school to share her writing journey and books. Our students were fascinated and then the magical moment arrived… Zanni asked if they wanted her to read a book! Our students were so enthralled, they would have sat there all day listening. Thank you Zanni, you have changed their lives forever!

    Westall Primary - 2019

    Westall Primary - 2019
    Zanni Louise
Zanni Louise